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Malcom's Marvelous Programs

SLAM (Student Leaders at Malcom): Each fifth grade student serves as a student leader, organizing fun school events and service projects for our school. These leaders inspire school spirit, develop leadership skills, learn about teamwork, and learn the value of giving back to our community. K – 5 students enjoy SLAM sponsored events such as Crazy Hair Day and Mismatch Day and service projects such as our colored marker recycling program and Souper Bowl (canned soup collection for the local food bank).
Celebration Books: Families are encouraged to recognize student milestones, such as birthdays, by donating a book to the Malcom library. Check in the front office or on the Malcom PTA website for more information.
Green Malcom Mariners: Students are recognized throughout the year for displaying the character traits in the 3R Character Program. When 15 Green Mariners are turned into the office manager by the student, the principal will recognize the outstanding citizen in the classroom with a special Principal's Award.
3R Character Education Program:  At Malcom, students live by our 3 R's 
Respect: Treat others with respect, follow the Golden Rule (treat others how you want to be treated), use good manners, be considerate of the feelings of others, and keep your hands to yourself.
Responsibility: Do what you are supposed to do (do the right thing), persevere (keep on trying), always do your best, use self-control, be self-disciplined, and think before you act (consider the consequences and take responsibility for your actions).
Building Relationships: We know when we show respect to others and treat each other with care and dignity, we foster healthy relationships with peers and with adults.
School Site Council: Consisting of elected staff members and parents, School Site Council meets approximately three times per school year to review a variety of school-related items. 
Block Music: CUSD is recognized throughout California for its music program, which fosters creativity, effective communication, self-discipline and commitment. Funded by the district, all 4th and 5th grade students have an opportunity to participate in CUSD’s award-winning music program two days each week during the school day.
Primary Music: CUSD provides two trimesters of primary music once per week for all students in grades K-3.
Malcom PTA: The PTA, led this year (2022-2023) by President, Paris Mc Bride, is a vital part of our success here at Malcom. General Association Meetings are held every other month. Parents are encouraged to join and participate. The PTA supports and funds a variety of programs, such as Meet the Masters (art program), Reflections, and field trips. There are a variety of free, family-centered PTA events that take place during the school year, such as the Welcome back to school event in the fall, Mathnasium Night, and Trunk or Treat. The Malcom End of the Year Sailabration is a great way to conclude the school year in May. Families can bid on silent auction items, eat delicious food, and play a variety of games. Sponsored by the PTA, volunteers are needed to help organize and run this event each year.
Meet The Masters: John S. Malcom Elementary PTA is putting the “STEAM” in STEM with a rich, well-rounded, visual arts curriculum that inspires, stimulates, and develops the critical-thinking and creative skills championed by Common Core State Standards.  Meet the Masters has provided quality art education for 30 years. This art program is supported with funds from PTA and a team of parent volunteers.  Students receive a captivating, multi-media art history lesson prior to an art studio hands-on experience. The program employs a comprehensive visual-art curriculum, which explores the art of great artists and cultures from around the world, introduces and reinforces the elements of art (i.e.: line, color, shape and form, space, texture and value), and provides the student a solid foundation in drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques while stimulating and developing the critical-thinking and creative skills championed by the Common Core State Standards. The overall goal of the program is to provide each student with a rich, well-rounded knowledge of the cultural arts and skills required to create their own amazing works of art, and to stimulate, build and reinforce the critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills required to succeed beyond their formative education.