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Friends of Malcom (FOM)


John Malcom Elementary School’s Foundation, Friends of Malcom (FOM), is our school’s non-profit foundation that raises money for our Instructional Aides to help support students in all K-5 grade classrooms.  Additionally, FOM has raised money for special projects such as supporting our STEAM Innovation Lab and support for classroom technology.  
Why does Friends of Malcom raise money for John Malcom Elementary?
Friends of Malcom is unique to our area.  John Malcom Elementary believes more support in the classroom makes a better learning environment for our children.  The classroom aides work with students at each grade level, assisting the teachers in a variety of areas.
How can I donate?
There are different methods of donations.  On our website:
Friends of Malcom uses to process payments and accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. is an authorized website that makes it easy for the donor to submit a donation and receive an email tax donation letter.
Please make your check payable to Friends of Malcom Foundation and drop it off at the school office or mail it to: Friends of Malcom, 32261 Charles Road, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.

Who operates the Friends of Malcom Foundation?
John Malcom Elementary is fortunate enough to have parent volunteers dedicate their time and energy to make FOM a thriving foundation.


“Having the support of a classroom aide is invaluable to me and my students.  Our aides help students reach their full potential by making more small group learning possible.”
“Having a classroom aide is invaluable in so many ways.  With the reality of increased class sizes, extra support is appreciated more than ever.  Aides allow for smaller group instruction, individual attention, remedial and challenge opportunities, and ability grouping.  We are so fortunate to have this kind of support at our school.”
“Our aide's help and support is incredible.  My students can’t wait to work with her and feel supported, encouraged and successful at their level.”
“My classroom aide is a really special talent.  She is dedicated, patient, and extremely intelligent.  It is priceless for my students to have an additional, consistent adult to foster and enrich their love of literature and words.  It is also priceless for me as the teacher to have a trustworthy, reliable resource that I can count on to deliver quality instruction.”